Pyramid Stone, Elbert County, and the Elbert County Camera Ready program hosted Rite Media producers and actors this past April for a production of an “intergalactic” video, Touch. The result of the ‘official video’ can be seen, below, with quarry footage at minutes: 1:26, 1:41, 2:30, 2:42, 2:46, 2:55 and 3:10. The 3:50 minute video ends with Elbert County credits.

Enjoy the music and the film. Thanks again to all the staff at Pyramid Stone for their eagerness to make this project a success. Elbert County has gained another successful credit on its state resume’.

Exclusive Premiere: Watch Great Good Fine Ok’s Interstellar ‘Touch’ 

Laura B. Whitmore Parade


Here’s a fun video for a lively song from Brooklyn-based synth-pop duo Great Good Fine Ok. Their intergalactic video for “Touch” sets a new stage for a cool, pop love song with an enduring message. Colorful and danceable, the song is from their upcoming EP due out this fall via  Ultra Records.

Comprised of the team of Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman, Great Good Fine Ok share, “The music video for “Touch” continues the story from where the video for “Change” left off. The underlying theme is that you cannot escape your destiny. Traveling through a wormhole to a distant planet only brought the space explorer closer to reuniting with his true love.”

Watch it here:

Credit: Rite Media Group

View the maker’s Instagram account for photos and comments during the filming.

View our April news about the filming.

Anyone interested in having your personal property listed as a potential filming location—think stardom— visit here, read all about it and sign-up. The Georgia Department of Economic Development continually updates appropriate locations for film sites submitted by property owners.

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