Napa Auto Parts

Posted 4 months ago

Choose a Career Lane That is Right for You

Come and discover a career in automotive parts. We think you just might find something surprisingly cool and interesting about working in the automotive parts world for NAPA AUTO PARTS. There isn’t a vehicle on the road that doesn’t need some repair work done every now and again. Oil needs to be changed. Hoses go bad. Brake pads wear out. There’s a story behind how every part arrived at the right place at the right time to keep our customer’s cars on the road. Parts need to be sourced, purchased, warehoused, distributed, marketed, sold through our stores and replenished. We need a lot of diverse talent to make this happen and be a leader in our marketplace.

It takes a lot of parts to keep a car moving and the same goes with NAPA. We need people to join our team in a variety of career lanes that you may have never thought existed in the automotive parts field. Explore NAPA and discover your lane!

Employment Possibilities

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