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Elbert County Development

As a large county, we are home to regional, national and international headquarters.

Your site is right here, in Elbert County!

The Development Authority of Elbert County is a Georgia public authority that serves the interests of the County and its incorporated cities of Elberton and Bowman.

Our economic development team has been entrusted with the future economic growth of the county with a philosophy of encouragement, outside the box thinking, innovation, creativity & challenges.

We are very much pro-business!

Here’s What We Do

  • Introduction to Elbert County business potential through sites and lifestyle. Know where and what we are. There will be no doubt you will want to grow here
  • Business resource for information, education
  • Site selection interaction
  • Business start-up, expansion & retention services
  • Identification of appropriate real estate sites and direction to their contacts
  • Liaison with local and state officials on all ventures related to the county
  • Collaboratively work with businesses with incentives or financial resources

Industry, living, culture -our citizens and businesses love the Elbert County lifestyle, choosing to raise generations of families, here.

Potential? Large enough to handle your decision to move to our county, but small enough to give your company as much time and information you may need as encouragement-to move or start your business, here in Elbert County.

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