ON-SITE VISITS at your convenience

On-site visits allow the Development Authority to interact with corporate staff members in face-to-face conversations. Let us listen to you while brainstorming. Some of the companies we have already met were surprised to earn about tax credits, programs, and Elbert County business updates.

Also, we periodically visit with a State of Georgia project manager. He promotes other state incentives and learns your business, establishing a new line of economic education with just a simple handshake.

Our Director will make an appointment with you to address issues and/or highlight the importance of your service.

Please contact us anytime to arrange a personalized meeting.

How can I make an appointment?

Our Director will happily make an appointment on your schedule to address issues and highlight the importance of your services to the county.

Please contact us anytime to arrange this personalized meeting!

Elbert County, Georgia

1317 Athens Highway | Elberton, GA  | 706-213-2124

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