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Rite Media Productions, 2018

Elbert Development Authority

Pyramid Stone Quarry

Elbert County, Georgia



Breaking Away

20th Century Fox

Television TV Series, 1980-1981

Barbara Barrie, Shaun Cassidy,

Jackie Earle Haley

Some Scenes, Elbert County, Georgia



Hometown Georgia

Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB)

2018 Elbert Development Authority

Stories about our county, as told by

our citizens

Elbert County, Georgia



Elbert Camera Ready

We have it…ask!

Camera Ready Brochure Newest

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Internet TrainingElbert County High School Engages Students With Program Teaching all Aspects of Television Production

Contact: Mrs. Sue Matthews, Department of Broadcast/Video Production & Graphic Arts Technology, http://www.elbert.k12.ga.us/ecchs/bvp.shtml, 706-213-4100.


Audio-Video Tech & Film Pathway
Audio & Film Tech 1
Audio & Film Tech 2
Audio & Film Tech 3

The three levels of Broadcast/Video Production cover a wide variety of instruction. Hands-on training is provided in the areas of videography, digital video editing, scriptwriting, studio production, production graphics, set design, and much more. Sign up now and you could become a member of the BDTV News Staff.


High School – Possible Career Opportunities:
Film Editor, Camera Operator, Broadcast Journalism,
Television and Radio Reporter.

Instructor: Mr.Nick Beshiri(F-4)

Why Film in Elbert County/Georgia?

Film Incentives

Elbert County has received its Camera Ready designation from the Georgia Department of Economic Development. What this means to you is that we are trained to work with production companies to provide one-on-one local assistance. In addition, we know the perfect location for your shoot, and can provide help and insight when it come to film permits, lodging, etc.

Television and film companies may receive a tax credit of up to 30% of money spent on production and post-production. Minimum spending is $500,000.

Through the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act, Georgia provides a 20% tax credit, with the State providing the other 10%. Little or no tax liability for your company? Transfer your tax credits.

According to Broderick Johnson, producer of The Blind Side, through the Georgia Department of Economic Development, “…Georgia’s tax break is one of the best, if not the best in the country.”

          Camera Ready Incentives Brochure

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GEP Logo Application

Even more information about the credits and their forms…



Your Elbert County Camera Ready Liaison works out of this office. Susan handles all production company requests and works with you throughout the shoot. Find all our production photos and descriptions through your Reel Scout account.

   Please contact Susan Warner: susan_warner@msn.com

Elbert County Homeowners and Business Owners:

Anyone interested in having your personal property listed as a potential filming location—think stardom— visit here, read all about it and sign-up. The Georgia Department of Economic Development continually updates appropriate locations for film sites submitted by property owners.