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Existing Industries

In addition to Elbert County’s reputation of being the “Granite Capital of the World”, industry giants such as Pilgrim’s Pride, Hailo, Moller Tech, and Bubba Foods (Bubba Burgers) are just a few of the superior companies that chose Elbert County to do business.

Our current industry is made up of companies that provide logistics services such as trucking, rail, and software-used by companies such as manufacturers, wholesalers and distribution centers. We have been able to provide to them:

map_county_elbert-dfs-governmentfree-vector-checked-clip-art_117784_checked_clip_art_hightExpedited delivery to domestic markets by extensive rail systems and access to seven major U.S. interstate highways.

free-vector-checked-clip-art_117784_checked_clip_art_hightThe ability to export via deep-water sea ports in Savannah and Brunswick.

free-vector-checked-clip-art_117784_checked_clip_art_hightThe ability to use the State of Georgia’s intellectual technology Center of Innovation for Logistics and research.

free-vector-checked-clip-art_117784_checked_clip_art_hightA competitive workforce through Georgia’s various academic programs and customized training.

free-vector-checked-clip-art_117784_checked_clip_art_hightLeverage of Foreign Trade Zones across the state,reducing delays, and in some cases, eliminating tariffs on imported items.

Target Industries

We have a target marketing plan for industries we know will balance our commercial portfolio. The Development Authority of Elbert County is focused on attracting industries of unique qualities and is particularly suited to recruit, assist and support the next retail development, resort or high-tech workforce.


slw-07-29-2016-32free-vector-checked-clip-art_117784_checked_clip_art_hightWe understand the Market and our desire shows with improved & desirable infrastructure.

free-vector-checked-clip-art_117784_checked_clip_art_hightWe have a story to tell and have invested heavily in our communities.

free-vector-checked-clip-art_117784_checked_clip_art_hightWe  offer business incentives like an Opportunity Zone, workforce training, etc.

free-vector-checked-clip-art_117784_checked_clip_art_hightWe believe in removing “barriers of entry.” This means we cut the red tape!

Currently, citizens and guests of Elbert County travel many miles to find new retail and restaurants. Thus, Elbert County has a great need for new and progressive retail. As an answer to our dilemma, we have put in place a plan to make Elbert County the only county you will consider opening a retail establishment.

Elbert County has taken down the wall, for understanding the retail market place, and we fully understand that retail is the backbone for other business growth. Many incentives are in place including one-on-one service to get you through the “red tape” , enabling you to concentrate more fully on opening your retail establishment. All those barriers that governments have put into place— removed or adjusted!

Elbert County and the Cities of Elberton and Bowman have desirable Infrastructure and are constantly investing in it, showing their high level of desire for new retail.

Most of all, we have outside the box thinking.


Bring your vision.

Hospitality & Resort

susan-hotelpReady for a repositioning of thinking and assets, the Elbert County Development Authority is ready for the complex market factors and competitor pressures to bring your resort or hotel to our county.

Pre-planning, a lot of thought, effort and time has already begun in anticipation of your arrival.




Bring your ideas.

High-Tech Industries

susan-1000-x-667free-vector-checked-clip-art_117784_checked_clip_art_hightBenefit from a talent pool from nationally ranked programs at Georgia Tech and Georgia State University.

free-vector-checked-clip-art_117784_checked_clip_art_hightLet us help! Resources such as the Georgia Centers of Innovation help Georgia companies develop and commercialize new technologies.

free-vector-checked-clip-art_117784_checked_clip_art_hightA wide range of state and county incentive programs aimed specifically at technology firms.

Information and high-tech firms are in demand here and elsewhere in Georgia. In Elbert County we have the skilled workforce, broadband infrastructure and reliability. Are you looking for access to the right qualified people and the best fiber-optic network? Elbert County is your next home. We help from beginning to end, all our businesses and consider ourselves business “match makers.”


Bring your product.



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