Elbert County: Road Upgrades Improving Our Connectivity

Samuel Elbert Hotel Making Its Way Across Georgia

Samuel Elbert Hotel Making Its Way Across Georgia

Thanks so much to Georgia Tourism/ Explore Georgia for bringing state-wide (and beyond) attention to our newly remodeled Samuel Elbert Hotel! Through a partial reprint of a Development Authority article, the hotel's bio is making its way to a group of professional...

The Elbert Advantage


Quantifying infrastructure is difficult. From an economic perspective, every bit counts towards the vigorous development of Elbert County and healthy economic growth. Utilities, roads, and other transportation outlets, all  connect Elbert County to the State and the rest of the world, totally giving us a competitive advantage!

We are providing a comprehensive approach to promote alternatives, solutions and a new way of thinking when it comes to getting Elbert County business goods moving!

Rail System and Spurs


Need a complete inland transportation system? We have it! CSX and Norfolk Southern service is available with a new CSX switch, here in Elbert County. The railroad Short Line provides access to both railroads.

Intermodal transportation has been improved and is on the rise an effective and efficient way to move goods. Rail transportation reduces damage, loss, security, handling, and costs-as compared to only moving goods via the highway.

The efficiency of a diverse way to manage our goods shows the economic importance of the railways.


Area Rail Logistics

2016-RAIL Logistics-Fact-Sheet-Region-5





Already connected to the rest of the world, Elbert County is widening Highway 72 West to encourage better transportation for goods and services. Expected completion of the project is 2018.

Highways 72, 77 and 17 (main traffic arteries) provide transportation-north, south, east, and west—allowing easy access to some larger cities-Athens and Commerce, in Georgia; Anderson and Greenville in South Carolina. Highway 17 is a direct route to Interstate 85 and just a little over 100 miles to Atlanta. Highway 72 has been designated as part of Georgia’s Official Freight Corridor Network by the Georgia Department of Transportation.


from-old-computer-4Our Own Patz Field Airport-Elberton, GA

Located two miles from Elberton, Georgia, Patz Field is owned and operated by the County of Elbert.

One newly extended 5004 x 75 foot wide, bituminous runway is continually in use providing goods, services and general transportation to the County, surrounding cities and states.

  • Other Flight Options

-40 miles-Ben Epps Airport, Athens, GA, small passenger service

-120 miles-Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

-82 miles-Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport

Georgia is home to the “world’s busiest” airport with direct flights to over 50 countries.

City Owned Utilities and Outside Services

City-Owned Utilities

The city of Elberton provides full-service utilities both within and outside city limits. 100% of the profits are reinvested back into the community.

Fiber Optics


The city of Elberton owns and operates the fiber optic broadband telecommunications for exceptional high-speed internet and Broadband TV. With fiber optic connectivity and speeds up to 1 gigabit per second, ElbertonNET offers the fastest speeds in the area.



Elberton Electric maintains ‘over 156 miles of distribution power lines and three substations to serve 4,600 individual service locations.’ Maximum kw available is generally 5,000 kw at peak demand, with maximum voltage of 7,200 KVA.

Natural Gas


Elberton Natural Gas monitors system pressure 24 hours a day. Most sites can be served by either a 2 inch and/or 6 inch gas line. Pressure is generally 300psi.

Water and Sewer


The water treatment plant is permitted to produce 3.0 million gallons per day. The city of Elberton has purchased storage rights for a maximum withdrawal of 7.5 million gallons per day. Elberton utilities serves industrial water customers by offering more than 1,300 gallons per minute, with a pressure of 70 psi.

Sewer is served by 12 inch lines. The water filter plant has excess capacity peak at around 1 million gallons per day.

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