Rusty Warner and Allen Nicas, from the Development Authority and Elbert County Chairman Tommy Lyon all attended the annual Good News Program this month.

Twenty-four Northeast Georgia counties and numerous state officials eagerly shared project- after-project of local good news pertaining to our area.

Asked to deliver only “three hot topics,” Economic Development Director, Rusty Warner, spoke on behalf of Elbert County tailoring his update to:

  • New Samuel Elbert Hotel
  • New GRAD certification
  • Highway 72 construction and completion

According to Warner, “One of the privileges of my position is telling stories of our success. Big or small, I know each accomplishment is appreciated by our citizens and businesses. By adding our stories to others, it allows an overwhelming positive forecast of the total region. We often collaborate with other counties and the state, and it is exceptionally uplifting to share.”

Here is just a sampling of what is going on with our bordering neighbors:

Madison County

  • Forty-eight-acre solar farm in process, with another 100 acres under contract

Oglethorpe County

  • Purchase of 500 Acres for development

Hart County

  • Hart College & Career Academy is opening August 2017

Franklin County

  • New renewable power plant
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